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Securing Frank's Professional Media Services - "Thanks so much for being involved in the campaign! The client was so happy with the coverage produced so no doubt we will be in touch again in the future!" (FMR/TR - 30/3/18)

Frank is available to offer commentary on radio press and TV on a broad range of Citizen/Consumer issues. However, he is also available to help you design, manage and deliver benefit to your organisation through media engagement!

Frank is an active contributor to many radio, press and TV requests and remains available to provide solid comment on key Citizen/Consumer issues of the day!

However, Frank's experience within the media can also help you as a business or brand.

As a business, do you wonder how your competition got that coverage in the media - how did they get that publicity?

Do you believe that you have a story to tell?

Are you struggling to make sense of the world of the media, PR and social strategy?

Do you understand how media engagement can add value to your business or how to reach that 'tipping point'?

Perhaps you are a brand looking for that voice and are having difficulty in sourcing the authority and confidence you need on the airwaves?

Whatever your needs, Frank has a solution to your media problems, contact him directly today to discuss your needs.

Media Training & Management

Since 1997, Frank has been actively engaged with the media on all levels and so understands what it feels like to take that first step of either speaking into a microphone, being interviewed live on TV or providing that comment to the press. For many companies, either seeking to tell their story or simply trying to keep up with the competition, the thought of engaging with the media can be quite daunting!

Frank is able to remove that fear of the unknown and will guide you through not only how to engage with the media but to also help you develop a strategy for your personal or corporate brand and how to manage engagement.

Whatever your needs, contact Frank and he will discuss with you how he can help!

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Broadcast Ambassador

Throughout Frank's Legal Career, he has been engaged in media work, primarily presenting the brand that was the law Firm and his own personal brand through the cases he represented.

From 2003, Frank helped a major Consumer Rights brand toward recognition, not just with Consumers, but also within the media.

This experience delivered confidence of voice, presence and subject-matter, thereby developing the brand journey.

Not every company will have employees or directors who are comfortable or indeed confident sitting in front of a microphone, TV camera or sitting across from an interviewer. Those moments are critical for a brand, keen to get its message across.

Frank is confident that he can help you achieve your goals on-air in a confident, engaging and professional manner, thereby developing your brand journey.

If you think that the work of a Broadcast Ambassador could be what you are looking for, then contact Frank and discuss your needs with him!

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