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Since 1997, Frank has engaged with the Media, believing that by telling the Consumer story it brings that experience not just to others but to those who can make the difference; politicians, civil servants, public bodies and business leaders! Frank’s early experience involved taking part in live television discussions and comment to National and Local newspapers on diverse topics such as Medical Accidents & Care to Consumer Problems. All Rights are Reserved to Sky News UK & Channel 5 News UK.

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Frank's early media years covered topics of Travel Consumer Rights, Inquests, Clinical Accidents and Human Rights issues. As Frank’s work on Travel issues developed, so too did his Media work.

From early days in legal practice, he received calls from Media Companies and ultimately the assistance of 4MediaRelations. From that point he was exposed to a wide range of media coverage, in particular through his work on National, Local and Community Radio. This allowed Frank to engage on a personal level and bring the richness of Consumer options to life!

Even though Frank’s work on the radio is extensive, so too is his exposure to all forms of press, both print and online. Frank’s TV experience has been seen on mainstream National and International stations, where he has been called upon to comment upon the key issues of the day. Frank is open to a wide debate on Travel and has provided ‘fun’ commentary about holidays but has also dealt with a number of topical issues such as ‘Brexit’, Risk Destinations, Terror, Crime, Air Passenger Rights, Ships Safety, Travel & General Consumer Rights and Cabin Air Quality! Beyond the area of Travel, Frank has also provided commentary on working as a Police Officer, Police Training, issues likely to affect trading in the Travel Industry and Debt. Broadcasters and Producers have found Frank to be open, flexible, responsive to their needs and above all, professional! Frank now produces his own brand of Podcasting through his CreatingRipples Podcasts™ brand. For further assistance and details of his Rate Card contact Frank directly.

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5% complain of exposure to fumes on aircraft
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72 major consumer reports to governments & EU in 15 years
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23 Years of Comment in the Media
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Less than 1% commit fraud in holidays
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Still no solid action on cruise ship deaths & disappearances
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Toxins found in land, in property, on ships, on aircraft, biggest threat to Citizens/Consumers

Frank has spent many years working for those disadvantaged by what’s happened to them and he now see’s this next stage of his working life as trying to provide a voice to those that have none! Frank works independently and is entirely self-funded; he pays his way. Frank maintains his skill-set and entirely funds his Solicitor’s practising certificate and training (he does not work in any law-firm in any capacity). By doing so, he equips himself with a much broader knowledge of key issues which are particularly useful, when dealing with the political environment where Consumer Standards & Law is discussed and created! Frank has discovered that information is the key to all the issues that Consumers face; very often they find it difficult to access that information or find that they are sometimes denied access to it. 

Through accessing the Consumer story, Frank is able to piece together key data and information which has helped him determine principal arguments and strategies to persuade politicians and civil servants toward a Consumer direction, when they create policy. As Frank’s Consumer experience has broadened, particularly in the field of Travel, so to has the depth of knowledge and the range of problems (sometimes beyond travel) that Consumers face - there is no travel problem he has not yet dealt with! Frank has always believed in reaching out to the Public via broadcasting; in fact his first ‘live’ TV appearance was on the then Granada’s ‘LiveTime’ programme in 1997. Frank believes in extracting key data about Consumers attitude to Travel or Consumer Problems which has given power to the arguments on behalf of Consumers!