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For over 20 years, Frank has worked as a Solicitor and Consumer Campaigner helping many thousands achieve justice for their problems. Since 2003, he has been particularly active in the field of Travel Consumer Rights, helping many to self-resolve their complaints whilst arguing fiercely for increased protections from contracts to crime and aircraft and ships safety.

Frank has become the 'go-to voice' on the radio and television and has offered extensive commentary within the mainstream press, helping media professionals to understand key issues. His work in the media aims to inform the public at large about the problems they may face and the solutions they can use to bring about a solution to their Consumer complaints.

Frank is fearless in offering his opinion and is able to deal with the pressures of studio time along with respectfully managing his engagement within a multi-contributor environment.

Frank’s professional media and legal work has ensured that he understands the legal aspects and impact of what he says on-air and where possible, he will always find a way to balance opinions by presenting where possible, contrary arguments. Frank is a flexible, reliable, engaged and professional contributor and the extension of his media work, raises greater possibilities for both media company and himself, in delivering real Consumer opinion & experience! Frank’s political work will continue on behalf of Consumers; by engaging with Frank, you know you are at the heart of the issues!