In this Position Paper, Frank again challenges government about Holiday Claims

In the paper, he cites an important case about conditions created that potentially 'deny' access to Justice

Franks report highlights key passages in the case of R (Unison) v The Lord Chancellor

The basic premise of Frank's report is that creating a policy to 'control' holiday claims, through raising small claims limits or by delivering 'fixed recoverable costs', are likely to have a detrimental affect on Consumers seeking to make genuine claims.

Frank has submitted his Report to the Ministry of Justice as a Stakeholder in this Consultation.

Frank is of the opinion that this case should be at the centre of Ministerial thinking. Without that consideration, it is likely that Consumers will not find suitable lawyers to help them and will abandon their complaints, or, they will be driven into the arms of legal processing factories which will be an unintended consequence of a poorly though-out government strategy; it represents a fundamental threat of Access to Justice.