Position Paper: The Cabin Air Quality in Civil Aircraft Act 2019

This is the time to speak out for Consumers in Brexit Britain!

Now is the time to speak up for Air Passengers, Pilots, Crew & Ground Crew

As we approach perhaps, the end-game for Brexit, I have considered that it is important to confront the difficulties posed by this potential event on Consumer Rights.

I have already considered the wider issue of Consumer Rights and drafted an Act of Parliament which seeks to amend the current Consumer Rights Act 2015.

As we approach this epoch-defining event for the UK, Campaigners must seek to define what will be required in the Brexit-Britain to come and rather than succumb to a country embracing deregulation, we must define the direction of regulation.

One area that suffers a wide deficit in protection is in the field of Aviation and in particular, Cabin Air Quality. Passengers, Pilots, Crew and Ground Crew, require a greater protection than governments, regulating bodies and industry have been prepared to provide.

In this Position Paper, I set out a new Act of Parliament that I have drafted which seeks to address the imbalance of Cabin Air Quality in Aviation Regulation.

It is important that Politicians and Regulators engage in this initiative in Brexit-Britain; it is equally important that the advocates and stakeholders, who argue for changes to Cabin Air Quality, also engage. Failure to do so will not only be detrimental to those whom they represent, but also in the construction of brexit-regulation to come!