COVID & Travel: How to respond to CRN's

Many holidaymakers are now receiving Credit Refund Notes they didn't ask for!

Many Credit Refund Notes have 'new' Terms and conditions!

Holidaymakers are concerned and don't know how to deal with this new CRN problem

This is a very brief comment about the contacts I am receiving at this time.

I would very much like to help you all, but because of my Project work and lack of resources, this is very difficult to achieve contact on a one-to-one basis. So, I am concentrating on 2/3 holidaymakers who I think represent the crux of the problems you are all facing! I am then offering my thoughts and guidance via Twitter.

It is now clear that the Travel Industry is maintaining a unilateral 'self-preservation' method of dealing with Consumer, and is now presenting en-bloc, their legally constructed documentation.

Chasing any Trader, no matter what the product, is never easy, no matter what popular Consumer writers or television presenters would have you believe. It requires research, persistence, courage and careful planning!

One holidaymaker has presented his e mails from their travel provider which includes the CRN.

I have examined this CRN and its terms and conditions and have responded to this holidaymaker, explaining the issues and how to respond.

You can read this guidance here and all references to the holidaymaker and the travel company have been removed.

If you have received a CRN and don't know how to deal with it, read this, think about your situation and construct your response and strategy around my suggestions to this holidaymaker.

There is never any guarantee of success and you should always consider formal legal guidance as I set out in the document.

Courage Consumers; you are not the first and you won't be the last that have to tackle difficult problems; it takes time!