Call for Brexit Dividend from Campaigners!

Consumer & Victims Campaigners today call for a Brexit Dividend for Victims, Survivors and Activists.

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As we appear to be marching inexorably toward a form of Brexit from the European Union, Victims, Survivors and Activists have noted the present government’s intentions to ensure continuity of Consumer Rights along with a potential threat to Human Rights legislation.

Frank Brehany an Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator, has initially represented then advocated for Travel Consumers. He has produced over 70 reports to influence European and International law on Travel. He has met, guided and advocated against the Consumer detriment in Travel from poor quality in Package Holidays to Cabin Air Quality.

Stephanie Trotter OBE successfully campaigned for children’s activity holiday centres to be licensed. For the last 24 years she has raised awareness of the horrors of the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide and also toxins from other products of combustion. She helps and advocates for Victims both at Westminster and Brussels. She has created dialogue, reports and drafted laws in order to advance the need for improved safety and rights against the scourge of Carbon Monoxide. In her quest, she has met with many victims and survivors and brought their story into the political sphere.

Both Campaigners support each other’s goals and respective disciplines and have supported other single-issue Campaigners.

Equally they have been witness to the many victims and survivors who have attended meetings in hope at Westminster, only to leave disappointed by the lack of determination by UK politicians to take action over their concerns.

Indeed, both Frank & Stephanie have witnessed this same lethargy and indifference in their own representations at Westminster, which stands in stark contrast to Victim & Consumer lobbying experiences outside the UK.

Frank and Stephanie, whilst being concerned by the potential for current Victim & Consumer Rights to be watered down post Brexit, are nonetheless hopeful that the present government will stand true to their promise that rights will be maintained.

Both Campaigners however believe that now is the time for government to go further and they call upon the Prime Minister to create:

  1. A Campaigners’ Minister (who would report to the Consumer Minister); 
  2. In their new role, that Minister would be required to listen to and report upon the experiences & concerns of Victims, Survivors and Activists. 
  3. By creating this new Ministerial Portfolio, it would be the duty of the Minister to meet with Victims, Survivors & Activists, free from the influence of Industry.
  4. This would ensure that messages received by the new Minister would be heard at the heart of government and would inform that government when they come to consider policy and laws in the post-brexit world.

Frank Brehany, an Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator states:

“It is my view that any kind of Brexit will create new levels of Victim and Consumer detriment. That said, the past failure of UK Members of Parliament to create progressive dialogue and persuade government on the need for new protections, to resolve concerns, is not sustainable in this brave new world. It is vital that in the planning for a brexit, that government now addresses the plight of victims, survivors and activists and provide equality of arms at the heart of government, ensuring that policy reflects the needs of real people and their problems”

Stephanie Trotter OBE, President of CO-Gas Safety states:

“I think many people, if not most, are fed up with government and politicians; both seem keen to help big business maximise profit but not take action on the safety, health and well-being of ordinary people. Known CO deaths and injuries from unintentional CO cost the taxpayer £178 million a year so why isn’t Government making the fuel industry pay to stop these preventable tragedies? Victims and survivors pay for lack of care about safety with their health and their lives and yet are often not even treated as stakeholders let alone listened to. This must change!”