968 Days: will Consumers inherit the Earth?

It’s been 968 days since the EU Referendum

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That’s not counting the 176 days before the Referendum, starting what was a momentous year.

During those 176 days I was running an average of one media interview a day which increased in intensity in the days that followed the result.

Through those early days I maintained an honest balance, believing, as I do now, that it is my job to set out the best environment for Consumers and their problems.

Almost immediately following the Referendum, a slow odious mantra developed in some of my interviews, that sought to put my responses on the backfoot. Where once an open door existed in some media studios, those doors closed because my ‘best environment for Consumers’ did not match their new reality.

I’ve continued to warn and comment and investigate how and why we have gotten here, 968 days later.

For years I’ve watched the Westminster Waltz, with some UK politicians playing out their role of concern towards victims and survivors; just the right amount of furrowed brow; just the right amount of physical contact; but no action

I have watched UK politicians cynically offer their helping-hand; whilst those same victims and survivors cry out for their human rights, little did they know that their representative had voted against those same rights; others are so closely allied to Industry it is difficult for them to escape the chokehold; others are simply too dim to understand the law and their role in making it.

I have warned against the rout to come in this new brave deregulated world; guided by politicians whose whole purpose in life is to use the apparatus of democracy to get the result they so richly deserve. In our midst there walks the political disruptor, who stands ready when you cast your vote, to reinterpret your wishes and reshape your world, without no mandate from you.

Criminal or suspicious activity has revealed itself, aided by a dysfunctional state authority and lack of interest from the media

The proof of the pudding they say is in the eating - whilst everyone is shouting about free movement, blue passports and it’s nothing to do with Brexit, I’m on the sidelines, trying to shout over the din about how the average Mr & Mrs Smith will pay more, experience changes to the norm or simply lose rights. Have any of you looked at all those Statutory Instruments; go on, give yourself a treat; they took a long time to draft?

968 days, in which decent politicians have been slow to react, perhaps never believing the nightmare will ever come to pass, but whilst parliament delivers obfuscation, companies and individuals head for the door!

Gimmicks and flagpoles are no replacement for telling the story, at granular level, as to how all this will affect the average person. Campaigning requires dialogue, patience and respect - it is the ultimate learning curve, which requires a much broader church than it currently is.

At the beginning of 2016, a survey I commissioned found that 58% stated they would vote leave and 52% said they would vote to remain; the silence in the room understood that something was not quite right with our Nation.

It has become a Nation of absolutes, of fascism, of political dogma, of intolerance, of agenda, leaving ordinary people begging for it all to stop, just wanting to be put out of their misery; but of course that is exactly what they want. Adrian Chiles recently suggested that the quiet pragmatic, 'moderate', cohort of Leavers & Remainers', will one day inherent the earth. For the decent people to inherit anything, first something has to be left.

40 days to Brexit day; who will lead the way; who will preserve what this Nation has worked so hard for; who will consign an ineffectual Westminster to a footnote in history? We don’t have to wait very long to see!