Time to choose a new holiday destination?

I think we all fall into the trap of heading to our favourite holiday hot-spots,

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occasionally thinking about shores further afield.

From my perspective, I have now for a number of years, applied a ‘mix and match’ to my holiday choices, where I try the exotic and return to the familiar.

Doing so certainly refreshes the parts that other destinations don’t reach.

In the recent Travel Republic survey, 46% of Brits indicated that they would like to see more of the world but then over one-third of those interviewed changed their minds and opted to return to their tried and trusted destinations! Breaking routine applies throughout every aspect of our lives and taking that leap into unknown territory, can be just as stressful as trying something new. I’ve always believed that travel is intended to get you away from the routine and the ordinary; to help holidaymakers break the mould of where they take their holidays, my 5 top-tips will guide on how to break that fear-factor:

  1. Make a Country/Destination List: It may seem obvious, but how many times do we say ‘I’d like to go there one day’? Make your own bucket-list of where you would really like to go; you have already begun your journey!
  2. Your Holiday wish-list: Going to your favourite destinations delivers what you like on a holiday. List those ‘likes’ but how about expanding that list with things you haven’t yet done or would like to do - you may surprise yourself
  3. Research that Country/Destination List: This is not about looking in the brochure, this is about actually researching the destination on your list. Explore each country’s/destination tourist office. Examine what they have to say about their country; how does that tie in with your wish-list; are you attracted by the differences and the variety?
  4. Understand the differences: Culture, Weather, Crossing Time-Zones & Risks all play a part in choosing holidays. Now you have a good foundation of research, looking into those details will help inform what you should expect and you should expect a difference! But, difference is what makes a great and memorable holiday!
  5. Walking with Google Maps: Wherever I travel for business or pleasure, I will often ‘go for a walk’ with Google maps. It will provide you with a greater insight to your desired destination along with some surprises - it also helps when you get there, because it offers familiarity!

I can assure you that by following my steps, you will experience something very unique that will break the mould on how you travel!