Suspicious Deaths Abroad - Position Paper

Imagine. You have just been told your loved-one has died in suspicious circumstances on holiday

Now. Imagine trying to get at the truth of what happened to them.

Have you found the truth? Is the FCO helping you? Are your local police helping you? Is the Coroner dealing with the evidence?

You couldn't imagine what would happen next.

Being told not to make a fuss; not receiving information as to what happened; evidence not being followed up; no arrests; allegations about your loved-one - these are just some of the problems you will face.

Think now about the hot-spots visited by our younglings; do you believe everything you have read in the press about our errant youth? 

Would be surprised to hear that local people are concerned and have been engaged in protests, trying to get action from their local councils?

On Tuesday 16 October, 2018, the All-Party Parliamentary Party on Deaths Abroad & Consular Services in Westminster, will be holding a hearing into suspicious deaths abroad and the role of the FCO.

Parents, Friends - Survivors will be giving evidence of their experience.

I have been asked to give evidence. Attached to this post is a copy of my Position Paper.

In this Paper, I set out the Consumer experience and Recommendations that our politicians should consider to make sure that our Families never repeat the experience of so many before them.

What do you think?