This Position Paper critically examines and offers opinion to the UK Government on Holiday Claims

This report has been submitted to the UK Government as part of their Consultation on Holiday Claims

The Ministry of Justice has expressed concern about the nature of our so-called 'Compensation Culture'

In doing so, they have turned their attentions toward Holiday Claims.

The nature of this debate has been masked by the cooperative that exists between Government, an ascendant Travel Industry and some 'spectacular' headlines in the popular press.

The basic premise of their combined attack is that Holiday Claims are out of control.

Frank has tackled this claim head-on and has produced and submitted his Report to Government.

Within the Report he discusses and challenges the following propositions:

  1. How there has been a shift in balance by government, toward an Industry to the detriment of the Consumer/Citizens;
  2. He expresses clear concerns on how Consumer data is freely traded;
  3. He examines the allegations that Holiday Claims are Fake;
  4. He discusses his past engagement with the Travel Industry and the predictions he made;
  5. He highlights the 'cause and effect' of Government Policy;
  6. He challenges the notion that Holiday Claims is 'just the Brits';
  7. He examines and challenges the statistics claimed against the government's own figures on compensation claims;
  8. He expresses concerns about the proposed changes and how this will lead to a greater rise in Consumer detriment;
  9. He raises concerns about the overall effect on Consumer legislation and future threats from a 'reassessment' of those Rights, and
  10. He makes a call to release all notes and records of meetings held between government and the Travel Industry and for government to act with a broader due diligence in their inquiry.

Readers should remember this; this is not just an attack on one sector of claiming; it is part of a cumulative attack! This is an attempt in Frank's view to 'help' industry manage claims made against it without having regard to the overall affect on genuine claims.

As for so-called Claims Management Companies and their activities, in truth, this activity accounts for a small number of 'fake' claims. In Frank's view, it is simple; resource the Claims Management Regulator adequately and apply the law against the few!