Referendums, the Right-Wing & Brexit!

The ramblings of the Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP has once again caught my eye this week.

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This colossus amongst UK politicians, has determined that the risk of holding a a second referendum would unleash a wave of right-wing politic, implying that we were all taking a risk in rejecting or refusing to consider the Prime Minister’s deal with Europe.

This, from the man who has contracted with a company, to save us from the worst affects from brexit, who happen to have no ships and no port contracts!

I have had an indirect experience of the Secretary of State, through a Consumer I guided. For the moment, it will suffice to say that from the report I received, it left both myself and the Consumer lost for words!

Fear stalks the corridors of power, the press, television and ordinary politicians.

But these ‘special-interest’ groups simply do not understand the current thinking of the people; sure, they are bored and disinterested but underneath that blasé approach to life, there is an equal fear and anger that they have entrusted their vote to politicians, their money at their local newsagents and TV subscriptions, to a clique who have lied, cheated and manipulated the system against them.

Then there are comments we have all heard from the Secretary of State.

Let me tell you something about extremism in British politics. In a previous life, I was a police officer. For a time I was a community police officer based in the centre of Birmingham. The area that I covered attracted many protest groups and organisations, many having meetings. I spent many an hour watching and patrolling around these groups along with joining my colleagues policing protest marches.

It was clear was that there was a great deal of ‘cooperation’ between the extremist groups, evidenced by how ‘coordinated’ their respective appearances were. I watched anger (perhaps faux-anger?) from the left, ranged against an uncomfortable sea of union jacks held and controlled by the suits of the right. For many years, their messages of anger, outrage and disruption fell on stoney ground; they were inert. Both have searched and perhaps waited for years for a ‘cause celebre’ to hook their respect agenda to; maybe brexit gives them that hook? They are a political chameleon, changing its colours constantly, looking for that mass audience.

But the key question is this; should we fear their rise? In short we should, but only if we allow their bile to take root in our communities. We didn't allow it to do so in the late 1970’ and early 1980’s and we sure as hell shouldn't allow these wild beliefs to do so today.

Should we subscribe the Secretary of State’s proposition? Absolutely no way!

The idea that an exercise in democracy will some how release hidden forces that will threaten our society, reveals the poverty of action or intention to keep us safe, when there should be a determination to ensure that we as an electorate are provided with verifiable fact; the truth - the freedom to express our views!

Given that the Secretary of State is a former Secretary of State for Justice, I would have thought that he would have understood the threat posed to our democracy by lies, the misuse of data and criminal activity. If the fear is that a wider criminal activity is to be threatened or propagated, then politicians should be planning to exercise their primary duty; to keep the State safe - to keep our democracy fluid.

How many other #ProjectFear straplines (Austerity, Bin-Laden, Isis, Nuclear Weapons, the Left, the Right, Refugees, Immigrants, the EU) must the public endure or tolerate, before politicians of stature rise to provide the country with moral fibre?

As Citizens, we must snap out of this complacency and recognise that the standard of politics is reflected by our politicians; we cannot abdicate our responsibility simply because we are bored! Equally, after the last two years, as Citizens, we should be challenging everything we read, the persons we listen to or ‘trust and understand the history and sources of their thinking and funding, because such an inquiry will provide a new revelation. Fire must be held to the feet of these Public Servants, to make them understand that their agenda, weakness of purpose and failure in action is simply not good enough for the country’s Citizens.

Make no mistake; if the people allow statement’s like we have heard from the Secretary of State to go unchecked or unchallenged, then they should not complain when the country they grew up in changes beyond recognition. It’s not a referendum that we should fear, it is the stepping stones before and after, that extremism will deploy and use, that should be of concern; their’s is a long game - Citizens must discern what is nonsense, what is #ProjectFear and fight and fight again for the society they want to live in!