Frank calls on European Consumer Colleagues to support the draft Standard on Cabin Air Quality

Since 2012, the debate on safer air quality on aircraft has been at the forefront of European Political activity

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The quality of the air that we breathe on aircraft has been a factor of concern since the 1950's

Since 2006, Frank Brehany has been at the heart of consumer concerns on aircraft Cabin Air Quality. He has worked with Aviation User colleagues to challenge a then existing Standard and subsequently joined them within a newly formed European Standards Committee. The purpose of the Committee was to create a comprehensive European Standard, for the benefit of all in the Aviation Industry, Aircrew and Passengers.

Since 2015, Frank has been a consistent presence in the work of creating this Standard, which sought to address the deficits found within the disparate nature of current EU Aviation Regulation. Frank has worked with colleagues across the spectrum, understanding concerns and seeking solutions through his work, particularly as Head of Delegation for the UK’s BSI Mirror Committee.

Recently Frank has become aware that EU Consumer Organisations have received a lobbying request(s) to approach their respective National Standards Bodies, and have apparently been encouraged to reject the current draft Standard on the basis that it is not in the best interests of European Consumers.

Frank considers that if the representations that have been apparently made are correct, that these need to be balanced by the views of someone who has been consistently present throughout the Standards-making process.

To that end, Frank has sent a letter to 55 European Consumer Organisations, presenting the facts of the Standards work, key information, opinion on a recent letter from the Aviation Regulator, so demonstrating the value of the current draft Standard and how this work has clearly led, as all Standards should do, to innovation which produces best available technology.

Frank has called upon EU Consumer Organisations to support the current draft Standard because it is in the best interests of Consumers and to express that view to their respective National Standards Bodies.

Frank Brehany states:

“Given the information I have received, I considered that it was vital that I present a clear path of information and guidance to my European Consumer Colleagues. We are once again at a critical stage in the development of this important Standard and it is clear that there is a narrative emanating from a number of different sources which should be challenged. In my letter to the 55 European Consumer Organisations, I have set out facts, with the concluding opinion that this draft Standard should be supported. I sincerely hope that my colleagues will recognise the risks of not supporting this work and of the very clear value that this document produces to all stakeholders be they Aviation Industry or Aviation Users. I call on them to join me in supporting this valuable work through their National Standards Bodies”.

Media Notes:

  1. Information about Frank can be found within the Annex of the letter sent to the 55 European Consumer Organisations (linked above);
  2. Frank has been working as a Consumer Campaigner and Advocate on Cabin Air Quality issues since 2006, presenting the Consumer story and working to deliver solutions to the problem of Cabin Air Quality;
  3. The issue with Cabin Air Quality can be attributed to a number of sources. But, the principle source of concerns on contaminated air centres in on the bleed-air supply, which extracts the air we breathe onboard from the aircraft engines and passed through into the aircraft's environmental control system;
  4. The work on the European Standard has been achieved through the facilities of the European Standards-Making Body, CEN;
  5. Frank has extensive media experience and is available for comment in all formats. Frank can be contacted directly through this link