Consumer Campaigner responds to flawed Consultation on Imperial Measurements

Frank discusses the latest 'policy' from the UK Government!

He takes the view that the re-introduction of Imperial Measurements has all the potential to not only increase costs for all, but deliver a real Consumer Detriment!

The UK government has decided during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, to launch a Public Consultation into delivering a Brexit benefit through the re-introduction of the Imperial Measurement system.

The Consultation guides readers through its rationale, and seeks to give a 'choice' to traders, whether to solely offer Imperial Measurements or a combination of Imperial and Metric when transacting with the public.

Frank has considered the issues contained within the brief Consultation document, and in the response form provided.

He considers that this is a 'policy' that has been quickly put together, is skewed in its questioning, partially acts as a survey, and has not been constructed in the best traditions of the UK government's of the past.

The proposals are at best out of sync with the reality of the world around us, and present no arguable case for their re-introduction into the UK, other than to deliver a palpable 'benefit' of Brexit.

It is Frank's view that not only will it lead to increased costs for Business & Consumers, but also confusion for Consumers in addition to the potential for abuse and therefore Consumer detriment, along with the inability for Enforcement bodies to police this proposed change.

You can read Frank's response to the UK government here.

Frank states:

"I have provided over 75 responses to Consultations in the UK, EU, USA & Australia on Public Policy and proposed law changes since 2004. Leaving aside any so-called Brexit benefits and the wisdom of re-introducing such a policy, I was struck by the language used by the government, the skewed nature of the questions and in parts, the juvenility of the questions. This is an exceptionally bad idea not just for business, but also because of the real potential to deliver a real Consumer detriment if introduced. I have completed the government's equally brief-set of questions, and I have provided a very clear comment on the structure of this Consultation. But, will the UK government pay heed to such voices or will they stride headlong into yet another problem of their own making; time will tell?"