Consumer Campaigner calls for Post-Brexit Consumer Action!

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Brexit Consumer Rights Social Contract for Consumers

The British Public must surely be suffering from Brexit-exhaustion, given the parlous state of political progress and analysis on this major constitutional change for the UK.

There is much discussion about various aspects of Brexit, each bringing their own unique level of angst.

One area that has suffered greatly from a lack of debate, is within the area of Consumer Rights.

To date, there has been no official examination nor any published impact statement published by the UK government as to how Consumer Rights will be affected on Brexit-day +1. Instead, the British Public have been served reassuring statements that nothing will change when we leave the European Union as those rights will be transferred into UK Domestic Law.

This dialogue fails completely to examine and demonstrate that exit will have a profound affect on the operation of rights and how in many cases, they will have begun their journey toward de-regulation by being partially ineffective. The failure of dialogue has also produced by default, a failure of planning and solutions.

18 months has now passed by since the Referendum without any solid Consumer proposals.

Frank Brehany, the Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator has analysed the issues surrounding Brexit & Consumers and has produced a Position Paper on the risks associated with Brexit and solutions to bridge the deficit that will follow.

For example, he highlights the manner in which Consumer Regulation will become ineffective, where reciprocal agreements should be instituted, the nature of the debate and how it is necessary to introduce a radical Social Contract for Consumers.

He calls on Ministers to rise to the challenge and create a new and dynamic future for Consumers.

Frank states:

"I have spent many months listening to lectures and roundtable talks about Brexit and the effect on our laws. What is clear is that whether you voted leave or remain, all acknowledged in these meetings that the challenges faced by the country were huge and could lead to a broken system, unless radical action was taken. I have waited patiently for comment or some sign from our Ministers that they will put Consumers at the heart of their Brexit policy. To date, there are no such signs and no such policy. In the absence of political action, I have published my Position Paper in which I analyse the Consumer Position and produce a radical solution to bridge the divide that is to come; I dare government Ministers to read this report and do the same!"