Brexit: Unravelling Your Consumer Rights & Opportunities

Almost 19 months to the day, I walked under the stunning blue skies over London,

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exercising my democratic right, along with over 700,000 of my fellow Citizens, to protest about our imminent departure from the European Union.

19 months before, I stood at Trafalgar Square, awaiting the arrival of the first mass-march, expecting no more than 10,000 protestors.

The surprise of the day was that it had attracted over 100,000 people and for the first time since the Referendum, Remainers had a voice. It also demonstrated that even though we live within our own island-fortresses, there were many people out there, who thought like you, believed in societal ideals and wanted their voice to be heard.

The energy from that protest served as a tonic to the lies and the cheating that had taken a stranglehold of our country. The latest remarkable October march, delivered a much needed tonic from the infantile pronouncements and infighting from our politicians and a neutered media.

At each march there is a good collection and shade of opinion, from those who embrace the blue and gold, to those who quietly refuse to wear the ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ stickers. All have one unifying fear; the country of their birth or adoption is about to embrace a greater inequality, intolerance, a new political hardness that attack’s the weak. Today’s ‘enemy’ only serves time until the next ‘enemy within’ is identified.

My motive for going on these demonstrations is simple. On a personal level, I despair at what our country has become - I fear more that the Brexit-agenda will usher in a new era of the extreme politic of the right and thus deliver an unprecedented level of injustice and prejudice.

On a public level, despite my trying to square the circle for Consumers, to promote a balance and a better brexit for Consumers (much like the delayed pronouncements of the Consumer Establishment), I have concluded that there is no such thing as a better-brexit for Consumers; it is a myth!

Since June 2016, all we have been served with is that nothing will change and rights will remain the same. No strategy, no detail, no promises have been given by any politician nor by an inquisitive media. I have concluded that Consumers will be hung out to dry once the Ministerial red pen goes into action.

So we stand to lose a great deal, all for the want of discussion and dare I say, proper negotiation with the European Union to reform the EU, its ethos and institutions. We also stand to lose a great deal more by not enjoying the benefits of the EU’s New Consumer Initiative. One important aspect of that Initiative is the Group-Action or an European Representative Action proposal.

If we remained in the European Union, we stood to benefit from a new way of dealing with the failures of companies. For example; if a Travel Company, selling its holidays, across its various brands in Europe, offered a holiday destination that failed its European Customers through quality and illness, then all those European Consumers could potentially join a Representative Action to resolve their claims. What it creates is a non-law firm representation, bringing not-for-profit Consumer Organisations to the fore, representing Consumers, helping them to achieve their Rights ‘while avoiding the risk of abusive or unmerited litigation’; revolutionary!

The days of big business riding rough-shod over the Consumer in the EU Single Market is over!

Do you think the UK Government or Parliament will introduce such complimentary measures?

So there you have it; but you won’t find any shock-jock or any commemorative coin being being struck that will actually promote the real promise of Consumer Rights. We are locked in a downward spiral, from which there appears to be no escape; but the UK will have time to repent at leisure.

This is but one reason why my beliefs caused me to join the many; we still have just enough time, through a second Referendum to save us from ourselves!